Monday, August 29, 2005


Moods. In our modern society, dudes try to be sympathetic towards girls because of their mood swings. Seriously, i've seen a girl's happiness fade into complete sulkiness in a matter of seconds. But i wonder if dudes also have sudden, dramatic mood changes. I mean, not as sudden, and not as dramatic as the ones girls have, but... just periods of highs and lows. Hmm... i reckon they do, at least i do. We all try to hide it up, but it always spills out in one way or the other.

I'm supposed to be completely knocked out by now. I worked on my CAD assignment till 3AM last night. Sigh... i spent a total of 16 hours straight working on two projects. But i thank God. I thank God for my mum who stayed up to help me with my assignment. She really motivated me to push on to get the work done instead of succumbing to fatigue.

Argh... i better get an A+ for it. I'll cry if i get anything less, seriously...after all the effort i put into it. The House Cross Country's on this Wednesday, and i'll be having a long-awaited bet with James. The stake - the loser has to treat the winner to a dinner at any restaurant he chooses.

Oh yea, we'll be having inmmunisation jabs tomorrow. Sigh... i don't know why, i don't fall sick easily, but i'm really prone to needles. I don't like the idea of cold hard needles piercing into my flesh. I won't freak out or anything, but i don't like the after effects. I seem to get all feverish, feeblish and weak after injections. Argh...hope this won't affect my performance in the Cross-Country.

I'm also representing my school in an All Schools Relay this Thursday. I'm pretty nervous as i'll be competing in the Under 16 category at the state level. However, i'm also quite confident as we've got a good team.

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