Sunday, August 28, 2005


Hey peeps, i'm really sorry about the last post. Things have been going badly for me and it's been made worse after i carelessly left my USB drive in the library -.-" It was gone the next day. But i'm still happy =) I don't know why... but i think God's taught me that life's not all about me...not about what i do for myself, what happens to me, or what i's what God's doing through me that matters! Anyway, please keep the tagging up! My blog viewership has gone down by 99%! haha!

Oh yea, about the last post. I had to store my information somewhere as i didn't have my USB drive with me, so yea... blogspot sounded like a good idea =) haha! The internet can be used for so many purposes!

This weekend's been a real bore. I stared at my laptop for about 5 hours yesterday working on my Business Management assignment, obtaining and compling information, anaylsing and interpreting graphs and all. I've just finished it today, but i've gotta get down to doing my CAD homework after this tag. There are some weekends that have to be sacrificed, but i don't mind because i actually like researching companies and studying the stock market. haha!

I must say that music has a huge impact on a person's mood. I was feeling really depressed after spending countless hours in front of the laptop, but i my shoulders instantaneously loosened up after i heard the song on my blog. haha! Music rocks!

Anyway, Turk decided to join us for Indoor soccer on last Friday night. And not surprisingly, he knocked in 10 solid goals to boost our team into first place with a comfortable 13-0 victory. Steve, Darren and myself added one goal each to our accounts. haha! Turk's such a gun, and i can't wait to see Tommy's face on Monday when he hears about it.

Peace out mates! Jesus loves ya!

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