Friday, August 05, 2005

201 Posts!

Yippee! This is my 201th post on ! *pauses for a round of applause* And yea... *hears none* Today was a really exciting and suspenseful day. I had to work on Mission X again... I had to make an intelligent last minute attempt to save it. Tommy man, can't you just keep your mouth shut! lol! Turk was extremely pissed with ya too =P

Anyway, Jin and i accompanied my sister to the Nike outlet in the City after school. I'm not too sure if i've posted this before, but i bought a new pair of indoor soccer shoes last night from the Rebel Sport at Dandenong Plaza. It cost me 100bucks! -.-" It's a pretty good pair though, i think it was the Pulsados 3. I had to take the black and red ones as they had run out of the white and blue ones. But i wasn't too content, so i exchanged them for a Total 90 III in the city.

Anyway, back to my sis. We walked into this fully-sick, unimaginably posh two-storey Nike outlet. They had tons of staff walking around, making sure that every customer was served well. They even had awesome machines that kept records of their stock - something that all the other outlets didn't have. I was very impressed by their service. Anyway, Jerusha bought the newer version of the Total 90 III for 100 bucks -.-" The same price i paid for the older version. Rebel ripped me off -.- Sigh... Here's a good piece of advice: Don't EVER buy soccer boots from Rebels.

I just wanna thank Jin for taking time off to accompany me in the city. We grabbed lunch at KFC before heading off to his house. He told me that i was the first MHS dude to see his splendid house. Seriously, it was slick as. Anyway, i was shocked at the location of his house. I used to have a friend living just a few houses away from him! haha! And i've probably passed Jin's house tons of times ignorantly. haha! What a small world!

I met Jin's mum and sis. They're extremely hospitable people. Seriously... they treated me as though i was a king. I didn't stay at Jin's house for long. We had to leave for this indoor soccer competition at Greensborough (forgive the spelling). I was really excited as i was making my debut and trying out my boots for the first time. We took about half an hour to get there, only to find out that we had a bye game -.-" So we played among ourselves - Tommy, Darren, Lobo Jr, Lobo Senior, Jin and myself. We had a fun time.

Oh yea, Tommy told me about this really embarrassing moment of his at Flinders today. But i won't go into the details as it may offend the parties involved. I don't know if he's posted it up on his blog, but it's sure worth a read. Go check it out by clicking on "Tommy" on the links column.

I'll just end off with one of my impromtu meaningless quotes:
"Embarrassment is like a mirage, face it with boldness and it'll disappear."

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