Saturday, August 13, 2005

Perfect Debut

Hi peeps! How are ya? I've been really busy lately, and have failed to post for the past two days. There's just so much going on, but i'll just skip to the good parts. Thanks for your comments on my poems. I submitted all of them on Thursday. Yea... the hit counter reached 779 this morning! Please keep coming, and keep the tag board busy!

Lil Joe and i made our debuts for "About:Blank", our new team in a private indoor soccer tournament at Greensborough. Banh and I went to Jin's house straight after school, and his mum sent us there. Thanks Jinni!

Anyway, as the title suggest, last night was sensational! I met two awesome defenders, Steve and Louis. Jin told me a lot about them before the game, and his praises were not overexergerrated at all as they dominated in the defence throughout the game. Tommy and i started off in front; we exchanged nice little passes and got several shots on target. Unfortunately, none of them beat the keeper.

Darren and Jin came on for me later on the the first half, which ended 0-0. Jin said that it was unusual for such a scoreline at half time. Anyway, this was a must-win game for us. Tommy, Louis, Steve and i started off the second half. After three minutes of play, Tommy got possession of the ball and took it down the right flank. I ran on parallel with him to provide a passing option. Sure enough, the unselfish Tommy, passed it straight to me, and i slotted it into the top right hand corner with a first-timed shot.

Steve smashed in this awesome shot. Darren made a hopeful attempt on goal from the halfway line which somehow found its way past the keeper's sloppy hands. The opposition did make some threats, but lil Joe put on an outstanding performance to ensure his clean sheet. The game ended 3-0.

I'd hoped for a dream debut, and what can be better than contributing to a 3-0 victory! Apparently, Jase hasn't kept a cleansheet since the start of the competition. But lil joe, aww..he's a legend! A clean sheet on his debut! How cool's that?!

I just came back from Chinese school. We had an awesome time watching Initial D. Oh...i love that show! Hmm...i'm feeling really nervous now. I'll be in Oakleigh trying out for the state futsal team in less than 2 hours. knee ligament started to act up last night, and it still hurts even now. Argh...i better go see a proper physio soon.

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