Monday, August 01, 2005

Colin & Justina

This week's gonna be an extremely busy one for my family. A distant cousin of mine, my cousin's cousin, emailed my dad yesterday morning, telling him that he would be in Melbourne and asked if he could stay over at my place from Monday to Friday. Yea, the notice was really short... anyway, they're here right now.

He's got his girlfriend along with him. He's Collin, and she's Justina. haha! However, we've only got one spare room, and my mum doesn't want ummarried couples to spend the night together in the same room. Thus, Collin's sleeping on the couch, and Justina will be in the room. It's good to have some new company in the house.

School was pretty good today. It was the first time i played soccer since i sprained my ankle badly last week. This insane Year 11 dude hacked at my ankles as i was dribbling; they nearly came off! -.-" Fortunately, they're alright, but they still hurt a little.

There's gonna be a Indoor Soccer Tournament this Saturday, organised by FGA. There's gonna be a Fungus team, a Young Adults team, a Men's team, and a Women's Team. I'm playing for Fungus. Sigh...i sure hope my ankle will recover fully before then.

Time for some work! OH yea, to end off...i just have to bag Tommy a little. During the double Business Management lesson we at the end of the day, he kept talking to me about Joyce! -.-""" He was telling me about how James was playing the fool at the Mac Rob Carnival; bagging him loudly in front of everyone. haha! Tommy kept telling me about how badly he wanted to bash James...but the thing is...he can't. Physically can't. haha! Anyway, i have to end of saying that Tommy's the most egoistic dude i know. Tommy man, you're my inspiration!

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