Sunday, July 31, 2005

Fungus Youth Rally - Makeover!

Hi peeps! i haven't posted since Thursday. It seems like a really long time... but this blog's still alive and kicking! haha! No one's been adding to the tag board though, save for mousey! Hey! Please tag! Comment on the new song!

I've been really busy the past few days, doing work and other stuff. Yesterday was a eventful day. I had Chinese school in the morning... haha! James was training for the X-Country bet that we made last week. Sigh... my ankle's still hurting a little. I'm gonna run 3 km a day once it recovers fully.

After Chinese School, we headed straight to FGA for a table-tennis competition. I was supposed to be the "captain" of the Fungus team. haha! I played for my cell-group last year in this same competition, and we won it. This year, i kindda "defected". haha!

Anyway, my first game was against the same person i played in the finals last year! It was a really tense game, but thanks to the loud and encouraging cheers from Nick, Shaun, Quinton, Gabriel, Jerusha, Alicia and tons of other people, i managed to come back from 1 set down to beat him 2 sets to 1. Thank God too!

I'm gonna save you from a lengthy narration of the table-tennis comp. After all the games were played, the Pastoral Team came out on top, and Fungus was 3rd. -.-" Doesn't matter...we'll try again next year.

Later on that night was the Fungus Youth Rally! I tried to invite Jase, Trent and Turk but they all live in holes that took way too long to crawl out of. Josh is up in the mountains right as i'm typing, Marcus was busy with his band, and Harish had "too much" work to do. -.-"

Anyway, the theme of the Rally was Makeover. All the youths had to dress up in a way that they normally would not. Yea, i went as a nerd ~8) I know what's on your mind at the moment....well, I'M NOT A NERD! haha! It started off with an sensational time of worship, the songs were awesome! The expected turnout for the night was 80 youths...but guess what? The entire hall was packed out from wall to wall with 250 youngsters!

The atmosphere was terrific. The music deafening. Harish!!! You should have been there! After worship, there was a short skit, followed by a fashion show. The contestants strutted out onto the catwalk two by two as they struck their poses. There were four judges that would grade them. In my opinion, all of them looked disgusting, save for Peter, he was cool. I don't really like fashion shows, they're really...phony, and a little gay. haha! i'm being influenced by the book, Catcher in the Rye.

After the fashion show, the guest speaker, Richard Bruce, gave a message. It was short and precise, an awesome message. He spoke about of how the world looks at the outside, but God looks at the inside. He appealed to the audience to seek for an internal change, over an external one. He shared a few verses, but out of them all, these spoke to me most:

“And do not set your heart on what you will eat or drink; do not worry about it. For the pagan world runs after all such things, and your Father knows that you need them…For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”
- Luke 12:29, 30, 34

My heart was touched at its realness, it was…true. After his awe-inspiring message, he got everyone to shut their eyes as he prayed a prayer of acceptance for those who wanted to receive Christ. According to Pastor Chris, there were “quite a few” youths who raised their hands. Praise the Lord!

The Rally ended at about 9pm, and i got home at about 10.30pm after mingling with some friends. I slept like a rock last night.

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