Thursday, July 28, 2005

Colour Boredom

School was pretty much a buldge today. Had four periods of studying, one period of singing and two periods of sport. I didn't participate in sport, Soccer, because of my sprained ankle. It's getting much better now, i can run a little, but i don't wanna aggrevate it too much.

I got home one and a half hours earlier, and i spent the extra time working on my Colour Board for CAD. Sigh...i really regret chosing CAD as my art elective when i had Media as an option -.-" Anyway, i reckon i did a pretty neat job.

The Mac Rob carnival's tomorrow. Blee and Peter have been begging me to tag along. haha! But the sheer load of my countless homework tasks have dragged me down into a never-ending pit of nerdity. So yea, i'll be giving it a miss. Enjoy yourselves folks!


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