Tuesday, July 05, 2005

War Of The Worlds

Pull out from the database of your mind the imagery of the word "Universe". Think of it, what do you see? Stars? Planets? Comets? Asteriods? Meteorites? Yea, all that. Also, include the Sun. Imagine how huge these objects are by themselves. Then combine some of them together into something called a solar system, and then take about a thousand solar systems, join them together to form something that is known as a "Universe".

Now look at yourself. Then look at an elephant, a tower, a rocket ship and compare these things to the planet we live on, Earth. How small are we compared to the universe, and only God knows how many hundreds of universes there are out there! You couldn't travel around "everything" even if you were at the speed of light and if you spent your entire life in persuit.

That's not it. There are literally billions, probably zillions, of micro-organisms that exist on the palm of your hand. Each with their own idea of a "Universe". Imagine that. If you like the idea, go watch "War of the Worlds". Everything in existence is just...so huge and imaginable! There MUST surely be a God! A God that loves. A God that created everything with a twitch of His fingers. Seriously, do you think that in all the uncountable masses of land out there just happened to "be there" from the beginning? I believe that there is more to life then just living it.

Jerusha and i met up with Blee, Meng, Peter, Yvonne, Lindah, Mel and Kingsley at Century Walk in Glen Waverley after an extremely HEAVY lunch at Bob's Kitchen. haha! I had a scrumptous plate of shanghai noodles. Oh yea, back to the movie. I found the plot really interesting, but the show was more of a platitude, a common clique.

Seriously, how many "Aliens-are-taking-over-the-world" shows are there already? This is just another one of them. Besides the amazing graphics, sheer suspense and never-ending action, War of the Worlds is just like any other Alien-takeover movie.

Mel and Kingsley are such a loving couple. But only to each other, they left straight after the movie -.-" Well, the rest of us were bagging Yvonne and Peter. And i think Peter got really pissed with me. Especially when we made him sit next to Yvonne during the movie. lol! But i regret sitting next to Pete. He's a great friend and all, but he was gonna tell me what was about to happen! -.-" He had read the book "War of the Worlds" before.

Hmm...i've gotta start working on a CAD project now. Sigh...Banh! Do all the work! haha! I'm not looking forward to tomorrow, wait...actually, i am. I can't wait to get the community service over and done with. But i really wanna take something outta it. I guess i'll have a great tolerence level towards the demented elderly :)

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