Saturday, July 23, 2005


I just came back from Chinese school. Mel and Yvon were asking me really dumb questions like: "If someone were to hit on your sister, would you bash him?" I said "Yea, why?" And they burst into giggles and walked away hurriedly -.-" During recess, James did 15 laps, at least he "wanted to", around the school oval to train for our 20-dolar X-Country bet.

Class was really boring. I stayed up really late last night watching "Sahara" with my parents. I couldn't concentrate on what the teacher was saying. haha! i just nodded and gave random comments when she asked me a question. Hmm...i don't know why, but the teacher kept picking on Blee (She wants to be a teacher!) for some reason.

I was having a chat with my family over dinner last night. Somewhere in the conversation, my mum said that girls tend to think too much. And my sister added that boys aren't sensative. haha! I was begging to differ, but i couldn't be stuffed. Talking to the wall would be better off than arguing with these two gals in the family, especially my sister.

Speaking about "thinking too much", have you ever read something, or heard someone speaking and felt that they were implying something about you? Well, i've had that experience several times already, and they all ended up with in embarrassment. all the pretty girls reading this, try not to think so much! Don't read too deeply into words or actions!

These few days have been a "nerdy" period for me. But i kindda sensed that something fishy, something really unpleasant, was going on. I'm not gonna reveal it, but let's just say that i suspected something. Something that i've always dreaded that would eventually happen.

When a problem arises, the next thing any sane human being would do is to solve it. Right... but things aren't that simple this time. Let me describe its complexities:

- This problem isn't really big at the moment, but it WILL get bigger as time passes.
- Solving it the "isaac" way would cause major injuries, and more drastically, would jeopardise my friendship
- Solving it the "easy" way would prove extremely risky.

Sigh... i'm grateful that i've still got someone to help me. I'll just put my faith in Him who cares.

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