Tuesday, July 26, 2005

God Is Good

Hey Peeps! You will NEVER believe what just happened! But i sure hope you do. I don't tell lies. I just got outta the shower... and i'm dying to tell you what just happened 5 Minutes ago!!! But you'll have to read the previous post to understand the entire context! Please do. You won't regret it =)

It was 9.40pm. My entire body started to feel weak, i don't know why, but i deduced that i was falling sick. Perhaps it had something to do with my badly sprained ankle. Yea, my right ankle would hurt whenever i put weight on it. So i limped into the bathroom for a shower.

As the warm water splashed all over my face and ran down my body, i felt extremely lethargic. I could have slept right there and then. I started singing "Tong Hua", but i soon stopped. Something inside me wanted to sing "God is Good" by Don Moen. It's a really old song, but it's really meaningful. Anyway, i started off with a lag, singing it as though it was some funeral song.

As i got outta the shower, i remebered someone, in fact quite a few people, saying that people worship God easily when things go their way, but they start swearing at God when a catastrophe comes. I didn't care about the pain in my racking ankle, i didn't care about my giddiness and my heavy workload. I just put them aside and sang "God is God" with all my heart, worshipping God with all i had, believing that i had Hope in Christ.

I sang:
"God is Good,
All the Time,
Through the darkest night,
His light will shine..."

I had some trouble yesterday putting my track pants on because i had to rest my entire body weight on my right ankle in order to get my left leg into the pants.

I shut my eyes as i sang "shine", and i saw this flash of bright light. I was putting my pants on then, and i looked down at my right ankle. It felt a little different, i tried putting more weight on it. It didn't hurt! I was moved, God was there, listening to my worship! I knelt down and started thanking Him.

I could walk without limping like a madman! My ankle still hurts a little, but it's considerably less now. I've gotta say this, God is Real. God Created You. He Died for You. He Loves You for who you are and not what you've done. He wants to give you a special gift, the gift of eternal life.
I don't really remember exactly how i prayed to accept Christ, but this is what you have to say to become a Child of God. But remember, you've gotta shut your eyes and mean every word you say. God hears.

"Dear God, i thank you for dying on the cross for me. I know that i am a sinner. But would you please forgive me, and come into my life. Jesus, I open my heart to You. Amen."

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