Sunday, July 17, 2005

Eco Influence

These two days, yesterday and today, have been really hectic for me. I've been working on my CAD assignment for really long hours. Well, when i think about it... there's nothing for me to work for. So what if i get to become the Dux of Melbourne High, so what if i were to get into the best University overseas, so what if i were to get my ideal dream job and earn a fortune, so what?

The only thing pushing me on is God's Love. I really thank God for giving me a second chance; for giving me a home, a family, for such great friends such as you. I went to church today, and the message was about giving whatever you have to God; especially influence. Well, i'm not a man of great influence, but i do have this blog. All i want to say is that... there's someone BIG out there that loves you. Somone worth living for. Someone for died for you.

I just wanna thank all you peeps for patronising my tiny blog; reading about my hopeful life. The hitcounter has hit 200 in just a week! haha! I'm really glad. Hope that you've at least learnt something, or got a little laugh out of it =) Please leave a tag!!

I've got nothing much to write about today, except that tomorrow's my first day back to school. haha! I've had a really long 3-week holiday and i feel all wierd having to go back to school all of a sudden. I'm gonna end this post now. But before that, i've gotta say that FUNGUS ROCKS!

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