Friday, July 22, 2005


Hey people! I just wanna start off by apologising. I really am sorry. I really am. I know that i usually blog everyday, but i've failed to do so for the past two days. I also know how it feels like to go to someone's blog expecting to read something really cool, or something really hilarious. So i'm sorry.

I had to read this awesome book entitled "Catcher In The Rye". I think i mentioned that it was extremely boring a few posts back, but i take that back! lol! I reckon it's the best book i've ever read. Yea, so if you're looking for a book to read, or if you wanna have a mind-boggling philosophy to debate on, go all out for it!

I put up the hitcounter thing a week ago, and i'm really amazed that it's currently at 289! Yeehaa! I just wanna thank all you folks for visiting my stupid, egoistic blog. Please continue to tag me! Try to put as many cliques as you can on the tagboard! haha!

Oh yea, just before i forget... we had soccer for sport yesterday. I played as a solo defender despite feeling sick. Anyway, it was the A-team take on. I'll spare you the details...and i didn't score, if you were wondering. haha! I think Tommy and Jamie scored. But that's not the point.... wait...wait...i'm getting there! The point is Jason! haha! On the way there he was bragging his guts out. He wanted to be a striker instead of a keeper for once. Yea... we granted him his wish. lol! But he made a total FOOL outta himself! The rest of the team were slogged our guts out to supply him with at least 5 golden chances, and 10 half chances. But he failed to convert ALL of them! haha! It was really funny how he was diving around the penalty box trying to get his head to the ball in vain. He hit the post twice and shot straight at the keeper at three point-blank ranged opportunities.

Hey! Check out Banh's blog by clicking here. He's got all the Milgrove Camp photos on it. Go take a look. He's a really sneaky photographer... i didn't even realise that he had taken some really wierd shots of me! -.-""""" Argh....Banh!!!!
I've made two bets recently that are worth 25 bucks in all. I made one for five bucks with Harish that Manchester United will not finish in any of the top three spots this season. haha! Stupid Man Utd! The other was a 20 buck bet with James Chen, not banh, that i'll beat him in the X-Country race a few weeks from now. haha! I'm really nervous....i don't think James' really fit, but i saw him jogging on the treadmill today. haiz...i've gotta start running!

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