Monday, September 12, 2005


Hey peeps! Just in case you didn't know, it was September 11 yesterday - The day of fear. But it didn't seem that scary though. I can still remember it as though it were yesterday. Just four years ago, i was at a coffee shop in Singapore watching a Liverpool match and all of a sudden someone changed the channel to a news broadcast about the Twin Tower tragedy. Yea, just take a moment to commerate all the innocent victims on that day.

If i were to mention the word "Slacker", who would be the first person to pop up in your mind? I know that all of us are born slackers; it's human nature! But as far as i'm concerned, i'm trying not to be a slacker.

Trent, Peter, Jason and I had to do our Webquest presentation today. We were setting up a mock radio show which discusses the topic: Is capital punishment suitable for rape offences? Anyway, Peter was supposed come up with the conclusion to the discussion on the weekend, but he never turned up. And sure enough, we gave me an innocent look in school today.

Sigh... we ended up doing a mediocre presentation. I wonder how such people live with themselves. But i guess everyone has a different personality and we've got to except them for who they are.

Tommy, Steven Tran, Anthony, Victor and i had an interesting conversation today during our free double Business Management period. haha! Mr.Janus probably forgot that he had a class on. Anyway, we were on the topic: What would you do if a dude threatened you from behind and asked you for your wallet?

Robber: Give me your wallet.
You: Do you have a knife?
Robber: Yea, and i'll kill ya if you don't hurry up.
You: Is it rusty?
Robber: Don't make me stab ya!
You: What did you want again?
Robber: Your wallet!
You: What are you gonna do with the money?

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