Monday, September 19, 2005

Troubled Joke

What was meant to be a joke turned out to be a flaming matchstick that ignited a burning rage of fury.

Argh... i don't believe it. Do you really think that i'm out to get ya? You know me well enough. Do i look like the kindda person that would have the intention to hurt you? Sigh... i look at my friends talking about their parents and i think that it would never happen to me. But now, i freak out at reality. How true can this "phenomenon" be? I don't like calling it a "phenomenon" because it's serious.

You should know how much i love you. I thank God everyday for you. I know what you've done for me and all you've given me. I know of all the sacrifices you've made just to provide me with many opportunities. Sigh... how could i ever repay you? And what do i do... i make you angry. Argh.. what's wrong with me.

My mum just shouted at me," You may not think so, but you're getting conceited!" Sigh... am i really getting conceited? In my mind, humility is one of my top priorities, but could i have been too busy, to concerned with other stuff that it's just slipped outta control? She's railing her guts now... i know her temper... she takes a while to cool down. But why was i so obstinate?

Her ranting forms deep cuts in my heart. Our argument was nothing huge, nothing of much importance at all - parents buying clothes for us, and using too much water when washing the dishes. But it's just been blown up so much. MISCOMMUNICATION - That's what's going through my head at the moment and i listen to what she's telling my dad. I'm dying to go out there and correct what she's saying, but she'll only think that i'm being conceited and obstinate.

I had a great time with Quentin and the gang today, but i'm not in the mood to go into much detail. There were about 16. We slept over at Quentin's to watch the Liverpool VS Man Utd match last night, which ended in a 0-0 draw. Today, we played soccer for about 3 hours, hung out at Hungry Jacks for 2 hours and then Reuben had some trouble with his mum as well. Somehow, we ended up going to my house and then payed Tim and Joyce a visit as they lived really close by. I had a GREAT day. Thanks Quentin and gang!

For all the soccer dudes from MHS, i've booked a futsal court. They're charging $55/hour. I booked it for next Thursday. I haven't told them how long we'll be playing though. So give me a ring to tell me if you're going. (IMPORTANT! Call me!) And i'll tell you the exact time and location =) Oh yea, don't forget to tell the others about it. Please do! We need at least 12-14 people!


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