Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Rage. A period of sheer insanity, of reckless and careless actions that could lead to humiliation. What do people still go there? Why do people get all flared up and all upset? Well, i had a taste of the bad medicine myself in school today.

I placed two drop-dead important documents in my student diary - my VCE Subject Selection Form and my Science Draft. During Maths class, Jason and Banh "stole" my diary and grafitied it with tons of nonsense. But i'm pretty used to it. Sure, it still does irritate me, but i've gotten over it. I can still remember the time when Banh omited all the dates on my diary and changed them to a day ahead. That really cheesed me off. I gave the teacher the wrong date (a day ahead) when he asked for the due date for a particular assignment -.-"

Anyway, Jase continued his attempts to steal my diary during German class. But he was unsuccessful. After lunchtime, i opened my diary to retrieve my Science Draft only to find that it was missing, and so was my VCE Subject Selection Form -.-" Yea, i really blew my top off after that. My Science Draft was due TODAY, and my VCE form was due tommorrow. I was smashing on the locker door with all my might like a mad man. Seriously, i don't know what came over me... but i really regret the way i reacted.

The Selection Form was extremely important, i had it all filled out and signed all ready to hand in tomorrow. But someone just had to "steal" it. Sigh... I asked Jase and Banh whether they took it, but both of them denied responsibility. And it got my fuminf mad when Jase ran up to me, chucked the soccer ball into my locker and sprinted away laughing -.-" Seriously...what kindda friend is that?

Fortunately, Banh was more understanding. He tried to help me find the missing documents, and listened to my immature ranting. lol! Anyway, i decided to get another copy from the coordinator instead of sulking over it.

I went to the Mr.Besetto's office straight after school, but he was fuming mad too. lol! He was busy reprimanding this dude for lying or something along that line. Well, i knew that it would be pretty hard to ask him for a favour when he's in such a bad mood, but i went in anyway.

Besetto: Isaac! Now, what do you want?
Me: Oh, my VCE Subject Selection Form got stolen. Could i please get a new one?
Besetto: *Starts laughing* Stolen?!
Me: Yea, seriously. Someone took it. *catches on to the laughing mania*
Besetto: Who do you think you're kidding?
Me: I'm dead serious! I got it all fill in, signed and all!

Fortunately, Ms. Devlin was there and she gave me the form. haha! Mr. Besetto was just trying to pull my leg. I think he's still a little angry because i wagged the previous All-Schools Athletics Meet a week ago. haha!

I rushed down to the Staff Centre and got Mr. Marotta to sign the form to allow me to do Business Management (Units 3 and 4) next year. Then i ran outta school, just in time for the tram. *Phew!* Thank God for that! Fixed all trouble in 15 minutes.

When i think back at it. There really wasn't much to get all angry about. I mean, it sure is irritating and nerve-pinching, but i really shouldn't have gotten that mad. The question now is whether i should give Jase a bashing tomorrow or not?

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