Friday, September 16, 2005

Last Day of Term 3

Today's Last Day of Term 3 and it will remain in my short memory for a very long time. School was the usual bore. We had the last English lesson with Ms. Mejias. She's going to be leaving for another school. Another highlight of the day was how some girls from some posh private school sung for us during the assembly. Whoa...their performance was superb compared to ours. Sigh... we stuffed up 3 outta the 4 pieces that we sung. haha! All the students simply forgot most of the lyrics for the 2 of the songs. It was hilarious =)

After school, Jin, Turk, Jase, Jamie, Harish, Marcus, Haran, Phan, Leo, Banh, Duc, Darren and myself, a huge gang of 13 went to a isolated restaurant in the city called Kum Den for lunch. My dad was going on about how good and cheap the food there was, and i wanted to give it a try. We took about 10 minutes to find the exact location, but the food compensated for the lost time. All of us were having the special lunch deal for $5.50. Turk was complaining about the excessive amounts of oil and fat, and he didn't know why they put ginger in the food (I made him eat a piece) and he refused to eat the beef tendons. lol! Haran didn't know how to use chopsticks, so he requested for a fork and a spoon. Well, that's one advantage of having a range of diverse multi-racial friends.

After the splendid meal, i spent great deal trying to convince the dudes to go lanning. Marcus had to go for some appointment and Jase was just anti-social (He went home to read a book called "How to clean my room"). Anyway, the rest of the dudes reluctantly agreed, and we went down to AE and then to IZONE, but they were both fully-packed. Sigh...

We resorted to Plan B - Strike. I had a great time playing pool there. The only down part of the day was the cost -.-" It cost $8 per hour of pool. There were 7 of us playing, but i ended up paying $4 -.-" haha! It really spoils your day when you keep glooming over it. But it's the last day of school, who cares?

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