Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Liverpool VS Chelsea

I've just embarked on a short term goal: To finish a book called "Gifted Hands" by the end of this week. haha! I've read a hundred pages in the past two days, and i've only got another hundred more to go. But yea, it's an amazingly inspirational book, and i would like to recommend it to you all. It's an autobiography of a black dude called Ben Carson, and how he broke through the thick barrier of racism in the US to become, argueably, the World's best Neurosurgeon. Seriously, read it!

I'm gonna be extremely busy for the next three days. Blee and James have invited tons of people (>20) for a movie at Glen Waverley to celebrate their birthday. haha! They were born on the exact same day! Anyway, Tommy's one of the 20 people were invited, and i'll be going to his house straight after the movie.

I think Jamie, Jin, Darren and some other dudes are staying over too. Why? Cuz it's Liverpool VS Chelsea tomorrow morning! Yea, we're gonna wake up real early to catch it. Aww... i really hope Liverpool wins, although it's against all the odds. But i'll pray!

After that, i've actually organised a mini Futsal tournament at 11am tomorrow. So yea, i hope we'll have a great time there. There'll be three relatively equal teams battling it out seriously. haha! I can't wait to hear Tommy's whining when his team loses! :P

On Friday, Denholm's organising some Indoor Soccer at some far out place. Somewhere near Frankston. lol! Anyway, i composed another poem. Enjoy!

My Help

Oft i fall,
Into snares of sin.
Sweet temptations drag me,
Back to where i've been.

Sin and lust,
My will deny.
But may may hands and feet,
To the Lord glorify.

My feet are weary,
My lips and dry.
I stumble in pools of sin,
Unable to keep up the lonely vie.

But when i fall,
I know You're always there.
Deliver me O God,
For i know You care.

& Isaac

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