Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fantastic Futsal

Hey peeps! How're you guys going? Please leave a tag before you leave.

Victor, Jin and i stayed over at Tommy's house last night, and i just wanna thank him for being so hospitable. His mum was so kind as to cook fried Char Kuay Teow for dinner and bacon and eggs for us in the morning! haha!

Jin was going skitz about backyard cricket. It was my first time palying, and Jin hit a full 6 on my first bowl. The tennis ball flew high into the sky and landed on the neighbour's roof. haha! That was hilarious. Tommy said that his neighbour's a really temperamental person who gets angry really easily. But we managed to retrieve the ball after some smooth talking.

I slept for about 4 hours, and i woke up at 3.30am to find the rest watching "My Sassy Girl". haha! According to Jin, the dudes watched porn on some fashion channel while i was asleep. They even took photos of me sleeping -.-"""" Anyway, we were all dead tired by the time the Liverpool VS Chelsea game started. It was really entertaining depite the stalemate. Sigh... Liverpool really should have won!!! I'm extremely pissed....

The dudes met up at Flinders at 10am, and Turk was the last one there (as usual). Then we went down to the Pitts Building for the Futsal Tournament. I'd done some detailed planning and oragnising before today and i wanted everything to go well. And indeed, everything went smoothly for the first hour or so. We booked the court for 2 hours. That cost us $110! lol! We had to pay $8 each as there were 14 of us (excluding banh, jonno, jerusha and Adem).

Despite the good start, everyone started to get tired and the atmophere turned sour. But all in all, i think everyone enjoyed it. Our team: Marcus, Denholm, Jack, Victor and I won all our round robin games easily, but we "lost" in the finals in a penalty shootout as there was "not enough time" -.-"

Anyway, i'm dead tired now...gtg soon.... i'm feeling dizzy...and everythings....shakey....

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