Friday, September 30, 2005

12 Hours of Sleep

Slept for 3 hours at Tommy's house yesterday - from 12.30am to 3.30am. That's considered as luxury compared to Tommy's 10 mins, Jin's 30 minutes and Victor's 20mins. I just spoke to Tommy and Jin today, and we're having a sleep-a-ton sort of thing. haha!

Tommy slept for 18 hours in all
Jin slept for 19
Victor's probably still sleeping. haha!

I slept from 3pm to 7pm yesterday, and 11pm till 7am this morning - that makes 12 hours in all! haha!

I'm really glad that all the dudes enjoyed the Futsal Competition yesterday. Of all the events that i've organised, there are always people who would pull out at the last minute and cause lotsa unwanted problems. But the dudes awesome... i was shocked when almost everyone turned up right on time. haha!

My objective for today is to finish the last 100 pages of my book. So, chill out!

Rememer: Sleeping's good for ya!

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