Thursday, September 08, 2005

Late Night Shift

I'm gonnna make this real quick. It's half past eleven now, and i'm still working on my Geography assignment. Today was awesome. About 30 dudes turned up for futsal today! Anyway, i'll skip all the details. Erm... I was in the all-star team this time, consisting of Jin, Duc, Harish, Marcus, Jamie, Steven and myself. We beat Turk and Tommy's team 5-2, but we ended up losing some noob team 1-0. haha! I think we grew a little too cocky.

Anyway, i was talking to Blee just then, and she showed me this really cool poem thingo.
Try reading it once, and then read it from the bottom up the second time =)

You don´t mean anything to me.
And I´ll never use again the phrase
I love you!
Sorry, but I must tell you the truth:
I already forgot you!
I`ll be lying if I say that
I still want you, as I always did.
I feel inside that
Nothing was in vain.
I`m sure that
I don´t love you anymore.
I couldn´t ever say that
I preserve a great love.
I feel more and more that
It´s too late...

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