Monday, September 26, 2005

Day of Rest

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Today's been a pretty boring day. But there has to be a few days of study set apart during the holidays. I can't believe how quick time flies... i've got another 6 days before school reopens, and a month or so from now will be my End of Year Examination. Sigh.. i don't feel prepared for it at all.

I spent about an hour or so on MSN this morning... and i wondered if there were anyone that spends most of their time on MSN. I mean... in my opinion, it's almost a complete waste of time. I don't see a need to spend time talking (on MSN) to people you see everyday. I use it to keep in touch with my old friends in Singapore, and to remind my friends about stuff, but i don't spend more than 30 minutes "socialising". haha! I know i sound anti-social... but... aren't there better ways to be social?

I was thinking about the meaning of life yet again, and i wondered why people live. I mean, what purpose do you live for? Yea, let me pose that question to ya, "What do you live for?"
What do you aim to accomplish? To get a good education, obtain an awesome job that you're dying for...and to marry the girl/man of your dreams? What comes next? Have children, buy a house beside the seashore after you retire. And then? What comes next???

I composed a poem along those lines in the morning...have a good read, and a nice day!


Many live in an endless persuit,
Chasing relentlessly for unclear goals.
Yet i feel pity,
For such hopeless souls.

Spending their lives,
In rush and hurry.
Wanting more and more,
Yet are still hungry.

But patience and humility,
Calm the restless brawl.
While Love and Faith,
Bring Hope to all.

Life's not a circus,
It has a purpose.
To love and serve Him,
The One who gave us Hope.

& Isaac

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