Sunday, September 25, 2005

Trip to Philip Island

Read the top before viewing the pictures below!

Most of ya must be thinking that i've abandoned this blog. But i'm far from doing that! I was camping at Philip Island for a cell group retreat, and i just got back. I had a great time there! Jerusha didn't come as she had to represent the state in Futsal up in Sydney.

I expected the trip to be really boring because the only "teens" around "close to" my age were Danica(13) and Rachel (12). I got to know them a little bit more, and that change my entire impression on them. haha! I used to think that they were all materialistic and all, but now...nah.. just a little.

This 4 year old girl, Elisha, used to hate me bitterly because i did something really nasty once. She's got an amazing memory...she remembers that incident from the start of last year! But it's so nasty that i won't even mention it. haha! I was playing with her throughout the camp, keeping her company and all. And she treats me as a "big bro" now. lol! I'm good around kids :)

Alright, should stop blabbering now. Here are some of the pictures i took. Enjoy!

That's the cell group Posted by Picasa

Nobbies! Posted by Picasa

That's a random photo of Tim's Birthday Party! Posted by Picasa

That's Elisha! Posted by Picasa

My dad and i at Philip Island Posted by Picasa

Alright, here's a treat - Mating Seagulls! Posted by Picasa

The beach at Philip Island Posted by Picasa

That's me at Nobbies! Posted by Picasa

Isn't it Awesome? Posted by Picasa

Don't you just love the waves? Posted by Picasa

That's me at Nobbies! Posted by Picasa

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