Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I don't know if my dad's still angry with me today. I've already settled the issue with my mum. But i was shocked when my dad left for work without saying goodbye. Later on in the afternoon, i received a really long email from him counselling me about last night. My dad has done this many times before, and i think it's a good practice. Usually, i would just read it, learn from it and let it go. But this time, i replied him with another long email. And i just received another reply from him.

When he came back just then, i spoke to him as though everything was resolved. But he showed some dissaproval toward me. He wasn't talking much, and his tone was on the low side. Sigh...i think he's still holding a grudge against me. I really don't want my dad to be angry with me. I put myself in his shoes, and i can see a heart of bitterness. I don't know, guess i would feel the same way. Forgive me Lord.

I was determined to get some work done today... spent 3 hours in all finishing all 5 exercises of maths. haha! I'm pretty happy with that. I've gotta buck up and kick outta the complete relaxation mode i'm in at the moment. I've got a Science experiment, a BM assignment and an English book report to work on. Anyway, i'll be spending the next few days with my friends. So yea, i'll take a short break for now =)

Why do i contridict myself so much?

Remember me telling you that Fungus was gonna use one of my songs in the album that they're ognna publish in October? Yea, i brought the lyrics to Fungus yesterday and Stanley (The AWESOME guitarist) made some changes to the tune. He made it inch-perfect! Seriously... it sounded so much better, so much livelier than before. I feel like putting it on my blog, but it's not fully done yet. haha! Make sure you peeps buy the album when it comes out!

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