Friday, April 21, 2006

Three Seconds... What a Faithful God

Sprinting through that final 100m took everything outta me, it was an excruciating mental battle, as well as a physical one. Before every race, i looked up into the clear blue sky just to thank the Lord, and to ask him for help. Well, i wasn't too concerned with who i was competing with. All i wanted was to run it for God, to be able to do it with him help.

And i must say that He's been Faithful. I came 2nd in all my three races, and i'm filled with mixed feelings. One part of me says that i'll lose badly in the finals because i couldn't come first in the heats. Yet another part of me is grateful to my God for helping me to get through to three finals, and if he can do that... i believe coming first would be an issue.

Being in a race isn't all about getting that Blue ribbon, it's more about celebrating humanity and what one has achieved.

I wanna thank all the dudes up in the stands who gave me so much support, and that extra burst of energy that i so very much needed. For Jin who sprayed my hair PURPLE!!!! For Banh who kept my thighs warm by smacking them repeatedly!!! For Marcus and Harish who set aside their Chem homework to cheer whenever i was running... and all the other dudes out there! Thanks guys!

*Thank you God for being there when i needed you, for shielding the rain so that i didn't slip, and for holding me tight to keep me warm.

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