Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Rays of Love

I'm doing a quick post while i'm uploading Rays of Love. I can't believe i haven't put it up on my blog since the time it got published! btw, Rays of Love is the song that i composed last year that was published by my youth group, Fungus. Yea... hope you guys like the song. It's sung by Adora and Joanne. Stanley and Bryan did the music and most of the other work. haha!

The weather can be rather deceiving. The sun was out and shining really brightly early in the morning, but it started pouring rain by 2pm. Well, it was the first time this year that it'd rained while we were playing soccer, but i liked it, ironically. I miss getting drenched in the rain, i miss kicking the ball when it's all slippery and wet, and i miss missing playing soccer. haha! Ironic, but true.

I remember the good old days when we used to play back in Avon Park just around Lobby 7. We would moan and groan whenever the rain prevented us from playing soccer, still the dudes (Troy, Daryl, Justin, Shannon, Junior) and i found other stuff to do, and we enjoyed ourselves. I miss them lots... but every time i go back to Singapore, i find that they are all going through rapid changes in their lives. It's all happening so fast that the dudes i used to play soccer with, joke around and play a fool with, would probably be dating seriously by the next time i go back to Singapore for NS. Hmm... Sentimental. A thought to cherish =)

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