Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Rally Hangover...

School was a sore for me today, not that i didn't enjoy it... but i reminded me that i'm still living in a real world where homework had to be done and deadlines met. Sigh... i've got a whole lot of work to get through now, and i feel heavy hearted. Yet, i find joy that i gave up my long weekend to serve God, and i'm glad my friends had the chance to hear about Christ's love. It's simply amazing.

Banh had Rays of Love on his MP3 last week, and he was singing along with the music although he wasn't Christian! haha! It's kindda wierd, but yea... i reckon God's moving in his life. And i've got a gut feeling that God is moving in Harish's life too. He's soo real.

My family drove down to Portalington, down on the tip of the Port Phillip Bay, on Sunday. We met the rest of the old cell group there, and we went to a flea market. There was a chocolate fountain, plenty of plants and other interesting craftworks and paintings. Yea, i bought 3 cacti for my room, which are right in front of me now! =)

Elysia's such a cute girl, i've gotta say. I really love kids, and their innocence. I find myself really attracted to innocence. i love to be around innocent people for some reason. haha! I'm wierd. I took a nap in the car, and Elysia kept probing me in the stomach and asking really funny questions. haha! I wish i had a lil bro, or a sis.

We then rushed back for the Fungus Rally as Jerusha and i really wanted to help out on the final night. Amazingly, there were no mistakes this time! haha! But we had to pack everything up by 11pm. The rally ended at 8.40, and we moved all the tables and chairs out immediately, all the lights had to come down, and so did the curtains.

Will and i were in charge of loading the truck up with all the tables and chairs and bringing them back to FGA. It was an extremely tough job, but the 8 or so dudes that came along showed amazing teamwork, and got the job done in around about an hour! Thank God for that!

My joy was shortlived though. When we got back to Blackburn High School, i hopped off the van and started walking in the direction of the hall. But at that same moment, Shaun jumped out of the front seat and he pushed the front door open with all his might -.-" The edge of the door went SMACK! right between my shoulder and the collar bone. Whoa! The impact threw me back and i landed on the ground. The pain was excruciating at first, but it died down. There was a pretty deep cut, but the injury was more internal than external. It hurt badly whenever i moved my shoulder joint. But it's getting much better now, thank God for that!

I miss all the bust and hustle of the activities during the rally. I miss interacting with all the youths there, although there was a lot of work to do. Hmm... i'm getting really sentimental. haha! But i just wanna say that i love God, i love Fungus and all the pple in it! =)

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