Sunday, April 30, 2006

Wet Dribble

It's been a long time since i last posted; i've been way too occupied with homework and preparation for the BM SAC. Well, the SAC wasn't too hard, but i don't know... pray that i'll do well. It's a great load off my back, but the work that i've set aside while preparing for the SAC is taking it's toll on me. =(

Had a great day today. Fungus launched it new theme: New Denim Nation! haha! I don't know where Chris gets all his ideas from, but their dead ingenius. It's about viewing things with another perspective and focuses on the dual purposes of random stuff. haha!

After Fungus, the guys and a group of gals went for a game of soccer. Though it started to pour heavily halfway through the game, we were determined to play on in an exciting and thrilling match that ended 4-2. Quinton and Shaun scored one each for the losing team =P while Pete scored 1 and i claimed a hat-trick for our team.

Everyone was freezing cold after the game, but Quinton wanted to get some ice-cream form Maccas. So off to Maccas we went. Gabriel and i got a nice hot cup of Cappacino, while the rest stuffed themselves with huge cups of Coke and a large amount of fries. lol! The look on the faces of the diners at Maccas was hilarious as they watched a whole gang of about 20 Asians walking in =)

Anyway, i really enjoy being with this group of people and there's almost nothing else that'll stop me from spending my Sunday arvos with them =)

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