Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Running on...

This sickness is really getting a hold on me. It's been with me for the last two weeks, and i've been braving it through the 5km run, the athletics heats and finals and all the soccer matches. Sigh... i pray that it'll go away soon.

I haven't attended any of the meetings or training sessions, but i'm being called into the Senior Soccer Team B. Sigh... Politics again. I had made a resolution to sit out from Soccer for the whole of this year due to all the fancy pancy politics, but Jase managed to convince me.

The VSSSA competition starts this Thursday, but i seriously doubt we'll make it past the district level considering the skills of the players on the B team. The A team won't go much further either.

It rained heavily yesterday, but Mr. Goodwin made us continue the practice match between the A and B teams at Fawkner park. Our entire uniform, books and bags were drenched as a result of that training session that ended at 5.40pm -.-""" I was dead sick, coughing and all, but i was running my guts out as hard as i could. I don't know, but i like to push myself. Many people think i'm crazy, and that i shouldn't exert too much strain on my body. Till now, i've always been ignoring their comments, but the fatigue's really getting a hold on me.

I caught the train home with Kev, and only got to my house at 7pm -.-" My eyes were bloodshot, i was cold and my blazer stunk because of the rainwater. The events of the past two weeks have really tired me out... all that homework, Soccer matches, BM SAC and tests.

Lord, though my eyes are weary... i'll always look up to you, knowing that you're always there.

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