Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Beautiful Third

Soccer's a beautiful game, especially when you're enjoying yourself.

The Yarra team marched out strongly in the first game, as we dominated the strong Forrest side. I was surprised at how well we controlled the game. The dudes at the front created plenty of chances that were begging to be put away; as the goal was at our mercy. I actually had the perfect opportunity to connect an overhead kick, but i miskicked it as it was on my weaker left foot -.-" It woud have been a splendid goal if it has connected. Anyway, we restricted their attack to zero shots on target. haha! Danno, Johnny and i kept a firm backline that managed to block every single shot and clear all the long balls. Thank God for that =)

We were disappointed that the game ended 0-0, a big let off for Forrest. However, we kept our heads up for the penalty-shootout. Adrenaline rushed through every vein in my body as Danno and Shahan converted our first two penalties, while Laios and some other dude scuffed their chances. We were up 2-0, but it soon became 2-3 as Denholm and Turk converted their chances -.-" It was our last penalty kick and it NEEDED to be buried away, the pressure was on.

I wasn't picked to take any of kicks, Johnny was called up for that final kick. However, Danno told me to go for it. That was followed by the entire Yarra team chanting for me to take the kick. When I was gonna walk up, i saw Johnny walking over as though he was gonna talk to Danno and i yet nothing came outta his mouth. He looked bitter, miserable with a tinge of anger. I heaved a sigh as i patted his back and said, " Johnny, you can take it."

He stepped up and blazed it over the bar. That was it...

Everyone knew who the better team was. Sadly, that's the beauty of Soccer.

We had to play Como in the loser final, while Forrest played Waterloo in the Winner's final. Well, Forrest won that match comfortably with a 5-0 victory. haha! Our Yarra team held on to a comfortable 1-0 victory over Como to clinch 3rd place.

I got badly injured in that game. I didn't do a proper warm-up and all, so i was cramping up in both legs. But i kept in the game. What happened was, the ball was bouncing really awkwarded just inside our penalty box. Harish (the Como striker & my good friend!!!) was shocked was how the ball fell nicely for him and he winded up to take a full-blooded strike at goal. However, i ran back and cleared the ball a split second before his made contact -.-" Yea... made contact with my ankle -.-"""" The massive impact took my legs off the ground as i fell on my back. Yea, how dirty can Man Utd supporters get? haha! i was subbed off.
Again, there was not a single shot on target against our defence =)

The final rankings:

1. Forrest
2. Waterloo
3. Yarra
4. Como

haha! Ironic. That's the beautiful game =)

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