Saturday, May 13, 2006

Wicker Park

I just watched the show Wicker Park last night, and i can't help but to applaud it's thrilling and captivating storyline. Many things have happened in the last month, and i feel that i've been neglecting my blog.

I careless broke two precious mugs given to me by two Kayleigh, Liru and MeiQing a long time ago back in Singapore. They were my favourite mugs. My heart shattered into pieces as i saw them drop on the kitchen floor and breaking up into numerous pieces. Sigh.. I really love mugs, especially the custom made ones... I'm reminded of the person who gave it to me whenever i use it, and i feel that it's a really meaningful gift.

I represented my school in the Northen District V.S.S.S.A Athletics competition on Thursday for the 4 x 100m relay. Chamith start, Matt went second, Tim was the third runner, and i was given the honours of the last runner. Yea, we won it easily... by 6 seconds or so. Thank God for that! We're in the zones next thursday, but i don't know how well we'll do. Only the first team gets to make it through to the State level. God willing it'll be us.

The exams are coming up in two weeks, and i'm already feeling the tremendous pressure on my back. Sigh... i wish i could just sleep forever, or just play on Soccer on the field without worrying about anything, or just run my guts out in a race without having to think about my Business Management SAC. It's really mind-provoking how these pressures can rob life of it's meaning.

Love. I had a think about it while i was in the shower, and God put into my mind this question: "How would you react if the person you loved died?" I don't know how my friends would react if i died, and i'm not too sure how myself how i'd react if one of my friends died. I don't know... do i love them? or are they just an easily dispensible part of my life? I wanna cherish them, not to take them lightly.

Then again, it made me realise what LOVE is. I mean, i kindda like this girl right now without even knowing her much. And i would be sad if she died. But would my sadness be because i miss her? or would it be because the intimate times that we could have had just vanished into thin air?

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