Friday, May 26, 2006

Soccer Mania Again?!

Finally! The weekend! I've been dying for a break from such immense exam pressure. The Maths General paper was alright, it wasn't as difficult as i expected. It ended at 10.45AM and the guys wanted to go watch X-Men 3. I just tagged along.

Halfway to the station, Turk, Harish, Marcus and Banh managed to persuade Phan and i to play soccer instead -.-" lol! So we walked all the way back to school. Anyway, we'll go watch a movie next Tuesday instead after my LAST exam! Yippee!! =)

We started Soccer at 11am and played for a REALLY long time. haha! Take a guess... not 1, not's not 3 either. We played for FOUR HOURS! LOL! i can't remember when was the last time i played for that long. We just played some random Penalty Kick games with many variations - left foot, right foot, one-step-shot, cross-and-convert. haha! It was really relaxing =)

I feel so sore and wasted right now, but i've gotta get some Chinese homework done for tmr. I was browsing through my poem book, and i thought i'll share this one with you guys:

My Love

As the days go by,
Experience grows.
Youth become adults
Through the highs and the lows.

Pain and Sorrow,
Hurt the human heart.
Moulds and shapes it,
And takes away the broken parts.

There's no escaping,
Melancholy comes to all.
What matters most,
Is coping with the falls.

Through the fears and tears,
And all the broken cords.
I'll put my all,
My love and hope is in the Lord.

& isaac
*comforting words from the Lord

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