Wednesday, May 31, 2006


i find myself slippling helplessly back into this hole that i've tried so hard to get out of and stay away from. Sigh... is everyone subject to this black hole? Many people argue that it can turn out good, but i really don't see how true love can exist at such a young age.

all the love i've ever felt was true. i've never told a gal i loved her without meaning it, but did it turn out to be true love? sigh... i don't know... it just wasn't part of God's plan, i'm sure of that.

if you ask me now if what i'm feeling is really true love, i won't be able to give a full answer. But i would be willing to give my life for her, i don't think of her physical attractions, but i just love her innocence. i know that i shouldn't be doing this cuz i might stand the chance of hurting another gal... it's not too late to turn back, but something's dragging down that hole... that nasty little hole. I only want to go into the hole that God puts me in.

Abounding Worries

Behind this act of smiles,
A load of worries abound.
Though i'm free,
A heavy heart weighs me down.

Your Word beings peace,
Fills my heart with joy.
I take blissful comfort,
Though many troubles surround.

I'm not alone,
You've always been with me.
Lord grant me wisdom,
And help me to see.

I lie in wait,
With faithful expectation.
Because i know my God,
Will take me to a comforting realisation.

& isaac

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