Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Happy Birthday Stevie!

Happy Birthday to you my good friend, and hero, Stevie Gerrard!!!! =)

He's such a legend, isn't he? Leading Liverpool to the European Cup in 2005, brought the FA Cup back to Anfield in 2006. Sigh... what will Liverpool do without him?

Today was my final day of exams!!! Boo yah! And i finished my last exam, Economics, with a blast!

Harish, Marcus, Banh, Jonno and i went down to Smith Street to check out the soccer boots at the Nike and Addidas factories. However, there were hardly any decent pairs of boots there. It was really disappointing. Despite that, the apparell was excellent and well-priced too! I'm gonna go back there sometime this week.

Yea, i went back to Glen Waverley after my last paper and met up with Harish and Marcus at Intencity. However, Marcus had to go back as it was getting late (5pm). haha! But Harish and i were dying to watch X-Men 3. Yea, so we did.

I reckon that was one of the better shows. i really enjoyed it. Argh... Marcus and Harish bought the gold and white predator indoor boots and they look awesome! haha! it's a pity everyone's got the same model.... it's becoming like a cliche. Hopefully, i'll be able to buy my soccer boots tomorrow if the price is right =)

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