Thursday, May 18, 2006

State Finals... Here we come!

I woke up at 4.30am this morning to catch the Champions League Final - Arsenal vs Barcelona. It was a star-studded match that ended 2-1 Barca's way. I reckon the beauty of the game was deal a heavy blow today as the biased referee decided to send Lehmann off, forcing Arsenal to play with 10 men against a formidable Barcelona side -.-"

As i watched the Barcelona players celebrating their triumph, i was reminded of Liverpool's FA Cup victory too. And i realised this:

"The Beauty of Soccer is that the winners cry while the losers don't."

I skipped school, again, for the Zone Athletics comp. The competition was much tighter than last week's district comp. However, sheer perserverance from Chamith, Matthias and Tim got us a remarkable 47.04 secs to secure us a place in the State final! We were all overjoyed as we received our first-placed medals =)

haha! It's my first zone medal, and i'm delighted. But i wanna thank God for helping us get this far cuz i know that without Him, things would be a whole lot different =)

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