Wednesday, May 03, 2006


It's Harish's 17th Birthday tomorrow, but i playing Soccer for the B team at Fawkner Park. Sigh.. we're playing with the mentality that we're sure to lose, but we'll play for the sake of Soccer.

We got to play Futsal at the Pitts Building after 7 long weeks. I had a great time there; won both of my games against Marcus' and Tommy's teams.

Efficiency...efficiency...efficiency. I can't get that word outta my head. Endless hours of BM homework have drilled "Effectiveness" and "Efficiency" into the back of my weary brain. I'm fully drained out right now. More homework was added to my already heavy load today, and i don't know how i'm gonna get it done without any weekend being sacrificed. Sigh...

My plan right now is to be 100% efficient. Setting out high goals and ambitious objectives for the next two days, working my guts out and we'll see how it all goes.

I'm gonna miss another day of school tomorrow, meaning a lot more work to catch up on. Sigh... when will this ever end?! I'm about to explode. Sometimes i wonder about my priorities. I want to do everything - Soccer, Table tennis, Futsal, Fungus, Study, and Athletics. Everything around me tells me that i can't do everything, and that i need to make a compromise. But i can't bring myself to accept that.

God, i need you.

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