Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Title Up!

I've just got the title of my posts put up. Hey, do you peeps like the current song? Please tell me if you do in the tagboard. I may wanna put another one up soon...it's called "Arigato" from the Tension CD that Blee gave me. haha! I in love with Tension songs!

Today was one of the most boring days i've ever been through. It wasn't really boring...more like...routine. It was freezing in the morning...again -.-" I find it really hard to get out of a warm bed. haha! I don't know why, despite the carpetting, the air in my house is colder than the actually temperature outside!

Duc was having fun over that porn magazine in Psych again -.-" Sigh...Duc man! Stop doing that! In the middle of the lesson, Jack asked Duc for it, and Duc passed it down the table. When it got to me, i lifted it high above my head and opened it up to the first page so that it was visible to the teacher. loL! Duc and Jack were like...wtf?!!?!? They were sooo owned! =P

Oh, i bought an Away Real Madrid top from Tommy yesterday. Paid 30 bucks for it....lotsa people are telling me that i got ripped off cuz i could get the exact same jersey WITH "Owen" imprinted on the back for the same amount of money off Ebay. I don't really like having names on the back of jerseys anyway. So yea...talking about Tommy. I don't have a clue what's wrong with his huge head. He never fails to mention Joyce's name whenever he sees me, and the record hasn't gone sour. I met him for a soccer game during lunch. I was gonna make a cross when he said something like.."How's Joyce?" haha! I gave him the -.-" face.

Banh. He's a really light-hearted person who's really funny. He's easy to get along with, a great friend to have. He's not at the slightest bit petty, making him really bagable. He's one of my best friends :) However, there seems to be some conlfict between him and Jase right now. Apparently, during English, Jase peeped into Banh's notes to look for a word he didn't know and Banh cracked the shits at Jase. loL! What's wrong with the both of you? 0.0""

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