Tuesday, May 17, 2005

After Shave...

"Whoa...isaac's growing up now!" -.-" That was the bagging phrase labelled on my back through the entire day of school. Not many people noticed that i shaved my moustache yesterday. Harish wagged school today, but he immediately spotted my moustache-less upper lip. haha! And he started bagging me, asking me really stupid questions like, "How did it feel?" and "Was the razor sharp?" -.-"""

The exams are starting next week, and the pressure's really piling on real quick. Fortunately, i've got tomorrow off because of Cirriculum Day! Yippee! Cirriculum Day, you're a life saver! I'm gonna spend 10 hours studying tomorrow. Oh yes, i'm gonna get a new hair cut tomorrow. I've longed to change my hairstyle, and i hope it'll turn out well. I know what just went through your mind! Don't deny it! "Finally! I can't stand that perfect center parting of his! It's disgusting!" haha! Don't Worry, you'll only have to bear with it for another 54 years.

Oh, i composed a pretty good song today. I'm gonna try to upload it on my blog. haha! it'll be a deterrent for all you nerdy blog-readers! :P Please forgive the noisy guitar, i'm really hopeless when it come to playing the guitar. Not that i'm good at any other instrument.

Had soccer training this morning. Johnny, Turk and Denholm were given the power to select the intermediate soccer team for this year. I don't object to that, but many other people do. Lots of people are saying that "Asians have NO SAY in da soccer team!" LOL! That was hilarious. Jason was telling me about his worry of getting beaten by the Year 9 State Keeper. Yea Jase! He's a Year 9. AND...a STATE KEEPER! :P

I'm coping pretty well without MSN. Besides, i'll get more time to study. I haven't got a clue what those two gals are up to on my tag board ----> -.-" Lindah, what do you mean by how long am i? Well, i guess that i'm as long as you are?

Lots of friends have been astonished that my answer was negative when they asked if i would have pre-maritial sex. -.-" I gave it some thought today. Imagine a sex-saturated world. A world full of sex-minded people who find that sex is the highest form of entertainment, and since nothing, and no one's stopping them, plus it's not "morally" wrong, they have regular orgies and attend sex clubs. What would the world become if everyone treats sex as just a form of entertainment and enjoyment? I reckon sex should be a sign of commitment rather than a disrespectful usage of someone else for one's own personal gain.

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