Sunday, May 08, 2005

$140 Lobster -.-"

Went to Pacific House Restaurant last night at South Yarra for a Mothers' Day celebration. Uncle Tony and Aunty Angie joined us. We had lotsa dishes.. and that were AWESOME. They were just fantastic.. but i was shocked at the price of the lobster. It costed $140!!! -.-""" I mean, lobster tastes very much like prawns. lol! Imagine getting $140 worth of prawns, that would've been a better deal. haha! yes, don't bag me, i know i'm Azn. =)

Woke up early for church today. Gave my mum the Bonzai plant i bought for her with a card made by my sis. She was kindda surprised that we actually found the time to get her something behind her back. Happy Mothers' Day mum! You're the best mum in da world (Sometimes)! haha!

I don't know what's wrong with Tommy. He keeps mentioning Joyce on MSN for no particular reason. I was talking to him about soccer yesterday, and he started bagging me about Joyce. -.-" I don't even know her well! lol! He's all crazy about the fact that she lives just down the road from my house. haha! i met Joyce at Fungus today. She forced me to tell her what Tommy said to me...yea Tommy, you know what i'm talking about *wink wink* haha!

After Fungus, i went to watch Jerusha's soccer match at Camberwell. The air was terribly cold, but the action was really intense! Jerusha's been talking about scoring a goal in every match, but she hasn't even managed to find the back of the net for 2 games already. She has the potential, but something's just holding her back. Well, i'm determined to help her improve =)

I've finally completed my research on stem cells. Took me a total of approximately 12 hours accumilated over 2 weeks. -.-" I learnt quite a lot about them though. Stem cells are extremely resilient building blocks of the human body. haha! I know...i'm a nerd. ~8)

Aunty Alicia and Uncle Steven are here for dinner tonight, and it looks like i'm gonna have a hard baby-sitting night again. -.-" I guess it's just my luck, but ever since i came to Australia...i've been taking up this baby-sitting job every weekend! Ahhh!!! I need some time to myself! haha! i mean, i don't mind taking care of certain kids...but other kids are just...attention-seeking and really annoying!

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