Monday, May 16, 2005

Heute Mittag, habe ich fussbal gespielt.
Mein Team habe 5-0 gewonnt!

I hate German, and pretty obviously, my German is crap. Sigh...i'm currently 'abstaining' from any use of internet messaging systems, including MSN Messenger -.-" Well, the exams are coming soon anyway. I'll just use the time to do some work, and perhaps compose some new songs! I just wrote a poem today, it'll be at the bottom of this post.

My dad's gonna be in Sydney till this Friday. Hmm...looks like i'm gonna have a little trouble studying for my exams. I was extremely tired in school today. I just couldn't concentrate in class no matter how hard i tried to play attention, must have been due to the lack of sleep. Despite my mood, i was really nervous about the Inter-form Soccer. It was our class versus Chalky's class. I've always had this Chalky-phobia, he was the one that knocked my team outta the competition last year. But...come to think of it, there's really nothing intimidating about Chalky. haha! I was being paranoid.

The game started off with a bang. Everyone expected this to be a huge clash, considering how Chalky's team completely demolished their opponents 4-0 in the previous round. However, we were in full-control. Kevin scored the first goal following my neat lay up with a brilliant shot aimed with exact precision at the left hand corner. Turk continued to own the weak defence by lashing out two outstanding strikes which beat the keeper with ease. What was really surprising was Nick Venebles. I reckon he played the best game of his life, adding two goals to his name. He scored both of them with his weaker left foot. Although his shots didn't carry tons of kenetic energy, they were positioned really nicely, leaving the keeper with no chance at all!

The defence, which consisted of a brilliant Banh in action and an ever-present Matt, simply dominated Chalky and his strike force. Banh was doing his usual Haka Dance routine while the game was going on, instilling fear into the strikers. Matt was attempting one-minute-handstands while letting his head do the job. Ofcourse, i was a hinderance to them, making useless and stupid-looking slide tackles. Don't blame me! i had a tough opponent! I even got the skin of my knees burnt trying to slide tackle Mr Air. Hint: Don't ever try that, he's really quick.

They only managed to get one shot on target through the entire game. Not surprisingly, that shot was well saved by our inspirational keeper, and captain (His pride grew even more ever after scoring that own goal last week), Jason. In the dying seconds of the game, he even left his box and made a desperate attempt to get a goal. He did pretty well to get past one defender, but got creamed in the end by some retard. I could see the blood pumping profusely into his blood-red face, he was fuming with anger. But he pull himself together to make an excellent shot on target which ALMOST resulted in a goal.

Alright, it's time to get back to work. I've got this German Speaking task tomorrow. Oh yes, i'll still be checking my email -
So, if there's anything know where to find me.


I see nothing before me,
But a dark black space.
I stand on nothing,
BUt a small round base.
A step forward,
Could seal my fate.
And a step backward,
Could prove to be too late.
I was trapped forever,
For the lack of Faith.
The chill around me,
Made me feel unsafe.
It is through Faith,
That light can abound.
Believing by nothing,
That Hope is found.

God & Isaac

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