Sunday, May 01, 2005


Have you ever wonder who you actually were. I mean, you obviously know your name, who your friends, relatives and parents are. But look carefully and you'll realise that your "world" is considered minute compared to the acutal "World". True identity lies with your ancestors, where they came from and what they did, it all has a big influence on the life we live now. Have you ever thought of the reason for living? What do we live for? Love? Study? Cuz everything still ends in death.

This weekend has been a complete bore. I spent a total of 11 hours working on stupid projects. Sigh...i spent 2 hours building a model for my Visual Communication project. -.-" I chose that elective by accident, sigh...i hate architecture and i'm NOT gonna be an architect! I find no reason in doing it, except to obtain a good grade. Oh yes, one of the highlights of this weekend is that i composed a FULLY-SICK song entitled "I'm so Free!" haha! It's not really fully-sick, but's pretty good. =) I'll try to get it up soon. Hey, does anyone like the current song? It's "One Life One Love" By Tension, recommended by Blee.

Alright, it looks like i'm gonna be bashed in school tomorrow. I've gotta remember to wear some shin guards, a groin guard, as well as a mouth guard. haha! I didn't go for the soccer trials today. =X haha! Jase has been demanding for an apology from me, for being a hypocrite. lol! I seriously had too much work, and besides...i had Church!

I'm pretty stuffed right now, i've got so much work to catch up with. What's more is my sports program with the school. This year, i'm involved in the school's Soccer, Table-Tennis and Athletics team. Sigh...these are really big-commitment sports and i don't know if i can cope with all three of them. Argh! I really want to represent my school, but i just...can't. I'm gonna have an actually Athletics relay event coming up some time this week and i'm not fit at the moment. -.-" Soccer's my biggest passion, while i'm actually pretty good at Table-Tennis. So...i've gotta make some sacrifices soon...

A new "season" of Fungus has just started, it's called "The Queer Eye for the Wild Guy". LOL! I must say that Chris never fails to impress. It's an extremely humourous theme where the "Makeover Crew", consisting of Chris and Quent, will visit random youths and give them a makeover. haha! I hope i won't be one of their victims!

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