Friday, May 13, 2005

15 Hours of Sleep O.O"

The wicked wings at KFC are awesome! Seriously.. I accompanied Marcus to the Glen yesterday for some wicked wings. I've never tried it because i thought that it would be really really spicy, but i thought i'll just give it a go. And that was a decision i'll never forget. Ooh...i'm salivating at the thought of it. ahh! I've got to do a chinese oral presentation tomorrow - introducing my school -.-"

Sigh...i'm extremely tired right now. I'm not exhausted, just tired. Not in the mood to talk. I've only slept for 15 hours in the last 3 days. Have been staying up from 12 to 1am at night working on my stupid science web page. -.-" Fortunately, i had someone helping me. Thanks! I've finally completed it, and it looks really cool. I'm happy with it =) But i won't upload it though...if anyone's interested in Stem Cells, and wants to know more about it, just ask me for a copy.

Turk was the only one to notice that i wasn't my usual self. haha! Don't know if he was bagging me or if he was serious. He kept saying that i wasn't as lively as usual and that i looked like a "deadman" walking. Banh's also looking really troubled, but i don't know why. And apparently, he doesn't find me a good enough friend to divulge his confidential secrets. Eg. Watching Kim Possible.

Hey, all you peeps HAVE to check out jin's blog. It just rocks! There was inter-form soccer today, Marcus' team lost to Chalky's team in an embarrassing game which ended 5-2. The second game was a big one. Tommy's team versus Laios, the winner was easily predictable... but Tommy put up a fierce fight. I reckon he did an outstanding job in da defence. He tackled people at the right time, and put his body in the line of Laios' many vicious shots. Well Done Tommy! =) However, Johnny (I said i would bag the crap outta him, but i have second thoughts =P) gave an extremely controversal penalty to Laios, who calmly finished it off for a winning goal. The final score: 1-0. One battle, two good players, one victor.

I was being bagged by Jason throughout the entire day in his hopeful (But vain) attempt of getting back at me for reducing his "rep" into a pile of crap in my previous post. Oh yea, for those of you who haven't read it, PLS READ IT NOW! loL! It's 100% fact, no gimmicks.

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