Sunday, May 15, 2005

A Week of Fasting

Okay, i'll start of with a laugh. "haha!" That should cover the grim fact that i'm fasting for a week. Every small group in Fungus is supposed to think of something to fast upon for a week, and my group "unanimously" decided on MSN. So, i won't be on MSN for the whole of this week. (At least, i'll try to) haha! my sister was sooooo angry and frustrated when she heard about this MSN-Fasting thingo. Well, fasting unrevels addictions and it helps to get priorities right. So... you're all welcome to join me! lol!

Today's sermon was really intriguing. Pastor Stuart talked about Faith Offering. I don't know the actually name, but it basically means that God will give through you, something that he would not normally give to you, unless he could trust you to pass it on. He continued by telling us to ask God, in faith, how much money we would be able to come up with in two weeks. That really struck me. It like...a miracle that's predictable and expected. For example, some time last year, God put a figure of $400 in a lady's mind. She made the commitment to donate the $400 after a certain period. She knew that she wasn't supposed to work for it, she only prayed in faith. A few days before the collection of the Faith Donation, she received a birthday card from a good friend reading "I'm donating a sum of money to support an orphan in Africa for an entire year as your birthday present." But that wasn't all, there was a cheque in the card with "$400 Only" written on it! She couldn't believe it, God had given to her what he would not normally have given her because he trusted her to pass it on! Isn't that amazing?! Well, i'm trying that too and i really hope that God will give that ridiculous sum for money to me so that i can pass it on for him.

Hmm...what happened today...erm...went for Fungus after church, met Adora and Joyce, watched Jerusha lose her soccer game 4-0. yea, that's about it. I'm going to Uncle Tony's new house for dinner tonight. I can't wait to take a look at the house, i'm sure it'll look terrific! exams are coming up in a few weeks time and i've yet to study for so many subjects! Lord, please help me! With so much pressure from so many important subjects, what puzzles me and pisses me off most is that the subject that holds the LAST priority is bugging me! -.-"""" I've got this German speaking task tomorrow, and i'm required to recite a stupid German poem. -.-" Ahh! I hate German!!!! Ich hasse Deutsch!

I'm counting down to this Thurday when Liverpool faces AC Milan in a clash of the Titans! Be sure not to miss it! haha! Will Isaac have have a red head?

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