Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Center Part Is History

Yep, my wish has finally come to pass. Mum took me down to the barber at Glen Waverley this afternoon. He looked really experienced, and judging by what he did to my head, i suppose somtimes you could judge a book by it's cover. I've lost that unique "isaac" look, that center-part that penetrates your mind whenever my name arises. haha! I can't even recognise myself now... I'm thinking of 5 good comebacks that'll come in handy tomorrow. I reckon Turk's gonna crack up when he sees me, Jase's gonna make some Does-Your-Hair-Cut-Have-Something-To-Do-With-Christianity comment, Banh's gonna severe all ties with me, Harish will definately need a puke bag, and Marcus will have a bagging topic for Thursday, 19th May 2005.

I didn't have school today as it was "Curriculum Day". I've no idea what that is though, i don't wanna be missing school a week prior to da exams. However, i reckon i've done more studying today, learnt more than i would have if i went to school today. My eyes are sore with blisters right now after enduring a LONG study period. Sigh...i started at 10am this morning, had lunch, got a haircut at 1.30, resumed the what-nerds-do routine at 3pm and finally called it a day at 6.50pm. That's a total of 7 hours and 20mins of hardcore studying! -.-"""""

Life without MSN's a real bore. My mind's totally occupied with the Menzies era and Whitlam's new policies and Malcom Fraser's viciousness. I'm turning into a nerd. I just realised what a bore it would be without school - No Soccer, No Friends, No Life!
But then again.... anyone would die for a day without Jase.

Oh, i composed another poem today. Enjoy!


When troubles overwhelm,
In the darkest day.
Though shadows arise,
Still i will pray.
Though problems remain,
And things tear apart.
Nothing will break,
My persistent heart.
I humbly pray,
In Godly-fear.
Pour my heart out,
That he might hear.
My God is Gracious,
My God is Just.
My he vindicate me,
May Justice come to past.

God & isaac

Oh yes, please don't bag my horrible singing. If you can't hear the song, thank God. If you can, i'm really sorry, but i can't pay your hospital fee :P Here are the lyrics:

Make me Like You

You delight in my praises,
Your glory i raise.
I stand here before you,
Seeking your face.
And i pray that you would come for me
And lift me on Eagle's wings.
And as i find such joy in praising you,
There's nothing i'd rather do.
Yet all you ask of me is Faith in you,
Lord, please make me like you.
A peace that endureth,
A love with no bounds.
Was lost here without You,
But with You i'm found!

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