Friday, May 27, 2005

Refuge in Sight...

Oh yes, the safe haven, my refuge is in sight... i just hate idea of the solemn existence of exams lingering in the highly-fathomable depths of my mind throughout the weekend. It just adds unneccessary pressure and contributes to the EMS - Examination Maternity Syndrome.

I'm halfway through, only Maths and German to go. Harish and i are already trying to gather all the MHS dudes for a movie (Star Wars 3!) this Tuesday. Oh, i just love Star Wars. I can still remember the days when i was about 7, and my dad would wake me up late at night for Star Wars episodes. I've seen 1,2,4,5 and 6 already, and i can't wait for the ultimate link. I really like the plot...esp the jumbled up episodes...i wonder if it was intentional.

I had Vis Comm, Maths Paper 1 and Psychology exams today. I totally stuffed up Vis Comm, as i expected. I just HATE art, and anything to do with it. lol! yea, that's just me, i just hope to get 50%. I reckon i did pretty well for my Maths, and i know that i aced my Psychology. I was kindda excited to see what the exams for a VCE subject would look like, and i was shocked when i saw 60 multiple choice questions and 3 structured ones! I had a really tough time reading through all those eyes were killing me (After effects from yesterday). mum and sis went out today to get red dye. haha! I'm gonna dye my hair red really soon. but i can't be stuffed doing it tonight. I'm gonna watch National Treasure! haha! My sis wants me to dye my WHOLE head red, like i first intended, but i'm having second thoughts... I mean, the purpose of this is to show my Liverpoolism and to mock all Man Utd fans! (You guys won NOTHING this year! :P)

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