Sunday, May 22, 2005

Fast Over...

The Fast's finally over. Finally? I kindda liked it actually; it gave me so much extra time to meditate on God, to compose some poems and songs and to work on being a nerd. The exams are this week and the next, once they're over, i'm gonna try starting a fire in the Dandenong forrest and dance around it. I received the biggest bagging yesterday on Banh's blog -.-" He stole a picture of me, a really BAD picture, he manipulated it, and posted it on his blog -.-" Banhy!

Went to church in the morning today. Jase, don't bag me about it. I'm really pissed with you for bagging Tommy already, don't push it. We had a guest speaker from South Asia, India. She was an American on a long-term missionary trip. I didn't really like it though, just didn't make sense to me. Came home, worked on a practice exam question for History. I'm planning on making an exact duplicate of that for my History exam =)

Joyce's mum was so kind as to offer me a ride to and from Fungus. Jerusha went for a soccer game in Wheelers Hill instead, the game ended 1-1, she didn't score. Thus, she will have to publicly "hug a tree" for losing out in a bet with Blee. I was pretty nervous because i didn't know Joyce well, and i did'nt want a dead-silent journey to Fungus. Fortunately, for some apparent reason, which i've yet to figure out, we had a really long conversation, about Tommy and his bruised face. x.X" Sorry Tommy! She told me that Tommy had a scar on his face and two bruises around his eye. I didn't know it was that serious, i'm gonna have to teach my right foot a good lesson tonight - 5 minutes in a bowl of boiling hot chili sauce.

During the worship in Fungus, i was struck by the lyrics of a song: "I love you more than life". I sung that with all my heart, and then i wondered, is that true? I mean...i had no doubts about my commitment to God, but i wondered....what is life really? Think about all you've ever did, al your accomplishments. Now think of your future, what you intend to do in the years to come. Is life all about having a extremely fun time playing soccer everyday? Gaining public recognition after a tremendous accomplishment? Earning a large amount of cash? Having a supportive family? Or many foolish, immature persuits of the opposite sex which end up in countless heart breaks? Then...look on, further down the track...Death.

My life is Yours Lord. I want to live for you, according to your will. I want to live your life for you. Let my life be a living testimony that You, and You alone, are the true and living God. The only God that loves, seeks and saves.

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