Saturday, May 28, 2005

Red Hair

2 more exams to go, German and Maths. I couldn't be stuffed studying today, just spent an hour on German. Went on MSN for the first time in about 2 weeks! oh how much i miss it. haha! I used to think that MSN was a waste of time...i mean, i still kindda do...but it helps to maintain contact with lots of friends. I just got the old song back up; won't continue the unbearable torture of my precious readers with my horrible singing.

My personal statement of mockery to all the sad anti-liverpool beings around, and the Man Utd fans, has just been carried out. The sight of my hair will remind anyone of the prowess of the mighty Liverpool! haha! Liverpool! Liverpool! Liverpool! Liverpool!!!!!! Hey, i may put the Liverpool club song, "You'll Never Walk Alone", up! =P

Chinese school was alright today, met Tat, James, Blee, Yvon, Peter, Matt, Mark, Jun Siang, Jin and his personal sidekick. lol! There's just so many good friends of mine at the school. I love Chinese school, don't like the homework, like the classes and love the friends!

Remember my mention about Peter trying out for the soccer team? LOL! Someone just told me today that lotsa soccer players were pissed with him. I was laughing my guts out when i heard it. No Offence Pete, but you've gotta establish some good relations with the soccer fanatics.

Duc told me that the Soccer season's gonna start soon, in about 2 weeks time. I don't know if they've even picked the team yet. There's just so much conflict going on. As it stands, Turk, Denholm and Johnny are making the selections and there's something going on about no asian representation. LOL! Turk told me recently, that outta all the asians, only Jase, Tommy, myself and possible Steven Tran are gonna be in the team. Duc's gonna be really pissed when he finds out. Still, i'm gonna try my best to persuade the trio to get some asians in, especially Jin. He's such a gun, and an even better friend =)

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