Saturday, May 14, 2005

Love Doctor?

Exams are coming up in two weeks time, and i'm gonna start pulling my socks up. Haiz...i'm already so pressurised to get work in before the various due dates, guess a little more pressure from the exams won't hurt. I'm aiming to get into the top 5% this year. Wanna get that really nice looking academic badge, despite it's really cool meaning: "Look! I'm a Nerd!".

Went to Chinese School this morning, and had a really bad time. The teacher was seriously picking on me through the whole lesson -.-" I know that i've stolen her black marker pen, spray painted the windscreen of her car, burst a tyre and locked her outta the class. But she didn't have to pick on me! Sigh...she kepy making me answer questions. And she made me the first to do the oral presentation on my school -.-" I got! Blee's oral presentation was centered around her school library. It was hilarious! haha! She said that it was the only facility that her school had, and that all the students would actually help each other in taking good care of it. The teacher was like...o.O"

Yvon. You don't want this gal to be your best friend. Trust me. This is what she does to her best friend:
- Says "hi" and walks away
- Bags him everyday
- Blocks him on MSN
- Talks behind his back
- Steals his stationary and blames it on someone else
- Scabs on his lunch, dinner, and sometimes, breakfast
And Finally, but Most Vicious
- Doesn't get Birthday presents for her best friend *Shakes Head*
*All information on this website is obtained from RSPCA, and is highly-biased and 99% fake.

Peter was ignoring Yvon. He didn't even reply when she greeted him. She was feeling pretty bad about it. Peter's a real retard, he doesn't know what to do when it comes to gals...sigh. *A minute of pity for Peter* =P I to intervene. lol! I feel like the love doctor in the show "Hitch". Well, after school, Yvon said that she had to go to the toilet really urgently, Blee and Sha joined her. I stood along the walkway waiting for Peter. When i met him, i told him that i needed to use the loo and i asked if he could come with me as i had "something" to tell him. The female and the male toilets were just beside each other. I told Peter to wait outside. lol! About a minute later, Yvon came outta da Ladies and had a shock when she saw Peter. They asked me to walk back to the front gate with them, but i said that i'll wait for Blee and Sha. haha! Hope they had an enjoyable walk back.
PS. Yvon, that's 2 bucks for you. Peter, i'll give you a discount, $1.50!

Blee accompanied my sis and i to the Glen for lunch after Chinese class. They were happily bagging each other, but i don't really know what they were talking about. I was extremely tired for some unknown reason. hmm...yea, i got a six piece meal while Blee and Sha spent their cash on some nasty wicked wings. haha! That's cannibalism - A chicken having chicken wings for lunch! I reckon Blee should be sent to the CCC (Chicken Confinement Centre) =P

Played soccer with some friends in da afternoon at Terrara Park. It was an awesome game, lots of passing, running on and off da ball, and ofcoure, fabulous shots which resulted in goals. I was totally stuffed out by the end of da game. I was expecting a serious cramp in my right calf as it hadn't healed completely from thursday's game. Surprisingly, and unfortunately, i didn't get to enjoy the pleasure of a cramping muscle.

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