Monday, May 30, 2005

German? Funny?

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I've never really liked German. Picked it up because a second language was neccessary, and i didn't like the Japs. haha! No offence, that was because of their cruelty a long time ago. I really should forgive them. Well, to my amazement, today's German exams was pretty easy, and "fun". There was this particular section where we were required to add captions to pictures of our family, friends, holidays, pets, etc. We can add captions on anything, using as much vocabulary as possible. There were about 10 pictures, there weren't any actual pictures, they were imaginary. haha! Don't Worry. I was running out of crazy random ideas by the last question. I ended up writing this: "Das ist meine Freund. Er heisst Denholm. Er hat eine sehr schoen freundin!" LOL! Go translate it here.

Kevin and Shervin had a really vigorous "dogfight" on the train back to Glen Waverley. haha! Harish was caught up in the middle of the scramble. Brenden was licking his eyes, and Anthony was picking his nose. If only Marcus was there, it could have been topped off with a shower of dandruff.

Got home at about 1.30pm, watched Star Wars 1 The Phentom Menace. I just loooove watching the Jedi Knights wave their fully-sick light sabres around. Got down to studying at 3pm, but somehow, i ended up taking a 2 hour nap nestled in my comfy bed. lol! I've got one more exam tomorrow - Maths. I can't wait for it to pass. Then come the parties, soccer games and the last nights. The dudes are probably gonna play soccer in the city after the exam tomorrow. Hope they watch Star Wars 3 instead. I'm dying to see it...

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