Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Science - Aced!

Just wanna start off by thanking the Lord for helping me with my Science paper today. I found it really easy, and i hope to get an A+ for it. There's History and English tomorrow, two long essays to write. Did some research on persuasive writing techniques today, kindda like a last minute thing. haha!

Jason and Jin asked if i wanted to play soccer after the exams today, and i was like -.-"""" We've got English and History tomorrow! I was tempted, but for once, i didn't give into soccer. I've been off MSN for about 11 days already. Although i feel a little isolated from my friends, i find that i've got a lot more time.

It's 10.21pm right now, just came on to do a short post. Tomorrow's the big game, Champions League Final - Liverpool vs AC Milan. Gonna wake up at 4.30am to catch it. Two big giants of the world's favourite game, one location, one referee, one winner. One will go down with the condolence of the entire world while the other will bask in a year of fame and glory. Well, Liverpool couldn't have gotten there without God's help. I've been praying for them. haha! And i'll pray for tomorrow's game. I'll dye my hair red as soon as my exams end if they win!

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