Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Humble Heart For me

It wasn't as bad as i expected. I mean, all my friends were astonished when they saw my new look. Shervin couldn't even recognise me! haha! He walked past me without saying hi, and i nudge him from he behind. He turned around, looked at me and went "WTF?" Then he looked a littler closer and realised who i was. That was Classic!

The people were bagged me most were Trent and Harish. Sigh... one has a sloppy German look and the other a fobbish Indian waxed wig. When will they ever grow outta their crappy hairstyles? ooooooohhhh..... :P Yea, take that! Both of you are on my hit list! Although there were some bad comments, many people said that it looked good. =)

The Premier of Victoria, Steve Bracks, will be coming to our school tomorrow to deliver some speech. Has something to do with the unveiling of some potrait and some centinary of some occasion. lol! Trent and Jase couldn't thought that i was joking when i asked who Steve Bracks was. Jase had a tough time explaining Australian Politics to me.

We had soccer for sport today, and tons of people turned up; a little more than 30. Although there were many players with loads of talent, the game turned sour after the first ten mintues. There was just NO quality on the field. Despite Turk's hat-trick which secured a 3-0 win for us, there was no real skill involved. I was in da defence, and i had literally nothing to deal with. -.-"" It was one of the worse soccer games i've ever played. Maybe, though it's highly likely that it's because Banh was warming da bench.

Marcus, Harish, Prashan and i went to the Glen for some wicked wings in the afternoon. When we got to KFC, some Glen Waverley Sec gals started talking really loudly, and it was pretty obvious that they were talking abt us. They just kept giggling at us. When i was in the queue with Prashan, this gal stood a metre on my left and a friend of hers stood two metres on my right, with a camara phone in her hands. -.-" She was trying to take a picture of either Prashan or me! wtc? I quickly dodged it, went back to our seats to have a chat with Marcus and Harish. About 2 mins later, a gal struck a conversation with us. She told us to excuse her because she knew a friend that looked REALLY like one of us (She didn't say who), then she asked if we were from Melbourne High and if we knew certain people from there. 10 mins later, this random year 8 dude sat beside me and asked me for advice on the Melbourne High entrance exam that he was gonna sit for soon. I was like... o.O" But i did give him some good advice though! =)

Marcus and Prashan ditched us. So Harish and i took a slow walk back to the station. Oh yea, Harish You Scab! lol! He kept scabbing on my chips! :P Got back to da station at 4.15pm intending to meet up with Sha, but i found out that she was already on the bus home after calling her -.-" Fortunately, i found some company in Drexel and Joyce as we took da same bus.

I'm really nervous about tommorrow. It's 10C vs 10B (Tommy's Class) in the Semi-Finals. It's gonna be a big clash of the titans. Well, the odds are with us, can't rule out a spectacular performance from Tommy. I really want to be in the Finals against Laios! All you Melbourne High dudes come watch da game at Lunch tomorrow! Esp you Peter, and you Marcus!

I was inspired by God to write this song today. I've always been looking for a good song on humility, but to no avail. So i decided to write one. It took me about an hour, but it sure was worth it! Sorry about the dodgy music and the bad voice, but it's the words that bring out da meaning. Hope you peeps like it! Here are the lyrics:

A Humble Heart For me

I thought i didn't need you,
Things were just so fine.
Lots of hugs and kisses,
Was first to cross the line.

Caught up in hopeless dreams,
Caught up in hopeful wonder.
My head was stuck up,
I couldn't see.
Please make a humble heart for me!

I was trapped in darkness,
Yet you died for me.
Through your Grace and Mercy,
You have set me free!

God & isaac

"...For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted."
- Luke 18:14

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